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Carico Lake Turquoise + Wolf Necklace

Carico Lake Turquoise + Wolf Necklace

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A stunning piece of Carico Lake Turquoise from the mine in Nevada, set in .925 Sterling Silver. I sourced this gem directly from the owner of the mine.

Here I am at Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park, Montana. I just went solo kayaking on this refreshing glacial lake, famous for it's fruity pebble stones on the shore of the water. 

Lake McDonald is Glacier National Park's biggest lake; ten miles long and 472 feet deep. Filling a basin gouged out by Ice Age glaciers, Lake McDonald is a classic glacial feature. 

Wolves are seen individually, in pairs, or in packs, roam many places within and around Glacier National Park. These wild animals don’t have set territories within the park, and come and go from the area as they follow the elk herds seasonally. 


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